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Opportunity Summary

Vision–Transform breast cancer healthcare by enabling minimally-invasive cryotherapy (freezing) of tumors with real-time MRI guidance and interactive control

The innovative technology we’re developing enables MRI—Magnetic Resonance Imaging—to be used in a new way to guide minimally-invasive procedures.  Our first clinical application focus is using MRI-guided cryotherapy (or freezing) to destroy breast tumors.

MRI is, by far, the very best at finding small, early-stage breast cancer.  More importantly, MRI is naturally best at finding the MOST DANGEROUS types of breast cancer—the types that NEED to be found and treated early!  And, with recent developments, using these powerful benefits of MRI for breast cancer screening can now be made affordable and available for everyone!

Cryotherapy is truly an amazing new breakthrough in treating cancer!  Clinical studies have shown that our own immune systems have a built-in anti-cancer vaccine capability.  But cancer has a way of hiding from this built-in vaccine.  Freezing the cancer tumor kills the cells in a way that allows the immune system to recognize the cancer and “unlock” the anti-cancer vaccine effect. This can actually prevent the cancer from recurring and spreading to other parts of the body.

Marvel Medtech’s intervention guidance system, by enabling MRI-guided cryotherapy, creates the opportunity for a profound transformation of breast cancer healthcare that will provide many benefits, including, for the first time, a new, practical, preemptive treatment approach for breast cancer.

This new approach will replace the ineffective mammogram for finding dangerous breast cancers, and will result in more lives saved!  It will eliminate the need for many breast biopsies; surgeries; radiation treatments & chemotherapy procedures. The quality of life for breast cancer patients will be dramatically improved, and overall breast cancer healthcare costs will be significantly lower!