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Our Mission

Marvel Medtech’s Solada™ iMR-IGI™ system represents a paradigm-shifting technology platform that will enable the transformation of MRI from a diagnostic-only imaging modality into a practical and efficient interventional MRI resource.  Using MRI for minimally invasive intervention procedures represents a new revenue stream for healthcare facilities that have made the multi-million dollar investment in whole body MRI scanner systems for diagnostic imaging.  By enabling interactive MRI-guided interventions, Marvel Medtech’s iSolada™ iMR-IGI™ platform also offers opportunities for breakthroughs in reduction of healthcare costs, in improved outcomes, and in patient comfort and satisfaction.

While the concept of using MRI-compatible robotics for IGI and IGT procedures is broadly applicable to many interventional or therapeutic applications where the superior imaging capabilities of MRI are most beneficial, Marvel Medtech has chosen to focus on initially applying its iSolada™ iMR-IGI™ technology to the minimally invasive treatment of breast disease.  Marvel Medtech’s iMR-IGI™ platform technology effectively addresses the impediments to efficient and effective breast interventions using MR imaging guidance.  Our mission is to exploit the superior (but under-used) breast cancer detection capabilities of MRI by enabling MRI-guided cryoablation of early-stage tumors (many that can only be found with MRI) quickly, easily, accurately, safely and cost-effectively, through real-time imaging guidance and interactive control.

With iSolada™, the powerful new advantages and benefits of MRI for detecting—and preemptively treating—the most dangerous forms of breast cancer become more clinically practical and more accessible to more women.  The result will be more lives saved, dramatically improved quality of life for breast cancer patients and lower overall healthcare costs.