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Too Many {are still dying of breast cancer}

We're enabling a pathway to breast cancer PREVENTIVE TREATMENT

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Our vision is to {transform}

breast cancer healthcare

by enabling interactive Magnetic Resonance

Imaging Guided Therapy™ (iMR-IGT™)

We invite you to engage directly in supporting our important, transformational mission. Please visit our crowdfunding campaign site:   Learn More

Marvel Medtech - Transforming the Clinical Utility of MRI

Meet {iSolada™}

Our iMR-IGT™ system is an advanced technology platform that integrates MRI-compatible intervention guidance capabilities with real-time MR imaging techniques.  It transforms MRI from the limits of diagnostic imaging into a whole new realm of practical and effective interactive imaging-guided interventions. Please visit our crowdfunding campaign site: Read More

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MRI is best at finding the most dangerous varieties of breast cancer in their early stages, and cryotherapy (freezing) is known to unlock the immune system's cancer-fighting capabilities. Combining these clinical capabilities offers profound benefits for breast cancer patients that may truly TRANSFORM breast cancer healthcare.

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Marvel Medtech has raised nearly $2,500,000 of capital to finance our mission of bringing new iMR-IGT™ capabilities to breast healthcare clinics around the world. We need your help to complete this important work. To help IMMEDIATELY Please visit our crowdfunding campaign site:

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It is important to understand that the goal of contemporary breast cancer screening is not (!) to identify all breast cancers and its precursors – but to offer a maximum sensitivity for breast cancers that have the potential to metastasize. In short: we do not need (and should not even try) to find all breast cancers, but need to find the ones that kill.

Dr. Christiane Kuhl ISMRM Breast Imaging Conference, San Francisco, CA, 14 Feb 2015

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If you are {driven} to help {transform} breast cancer healthcare, please contact us to learn more about our {investment opportunities} and our {clinical deployment} plans.

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