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The Case for iMR-IGT™

We’re enabling a pathway to breast cancer PREVENTION…!

Too many women are still dying from breast cancer! Despite progress over the past decade in lowering the rate of breast cancer deaths through surveillance/screening programs that identify and treat breast cancer early, some 41,000 deaths still occur annually (U.S.) and breast cancer continues to be the leading cause of death in women under 50.

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) has proven to be the best technology for detecting breast cancer with virtually 100% sensitivity and, compellingly, a now proven preferential bias advantage for finding the most dangerous cancers—the type that are typically fatal if not found and treated early, but are frequently missed by X-ray mammography.  Additionally, new “Abbreviated MRI” protocols have been proven effective and can reduce the cost of breast MRI screening by an order of magnitude.  Yet MRI for breast cancer screening is presently available only to high-risk women while normal-risk women still fall victim to breast cancer.

Cryotherapy – destroying a cancer tumor by freezing – is known to induce a natural anti-tumor immune response that can prevent recurrence and spreading of the disease.  A leading breast cancer research investigator in the U.S., citing recent successes in their understanding of targeted immunotherapy, has predicted that surgical treatment of breast cancer will be replaced by “Cryoimmunotherapy” as the new breast cancer standard of care.  However, at the current pace of progress, it will take at least several more years to achieve this new state of breast healthcare.

An exciting new development is emerging that offers the very compelling opportunity to profoundly transform breast cancer healthcare much more quickly—and impact women’s lives immediately.  The proposed new “Early Freeze Protocol” approach promotes cryoablation of early stage breast lesions that are suspected of being—or becoming—cancer tumors BEFORE a cancer diagnosis is or can be made. (This approach parallels the common preventive practice of removing polyps during a screening colonoscopy exam.)  This new common-sense approach offers important patient, clinical and healthcare cost reduction benefits, including a real opportunity to prevent early-stage breast cancer from returning and/or advancing—by initiating the anti-tumor immune response that is known to follow cryotherapy.

Marvel Medtech’s mission is to exploit the superior (but under-used) breast cancer detection capabilities of MRI by enabling MRI-guided cryoablation of early-stage tumors (many that can only be found with MRI) quickly, easily, accurately, safely and cost-effectively, through real-time imaging guidance and interactive control.