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Why MRI-Guided Cryotherapy of Breast Cancer?

In the hands of an experienced Radiologist, clinical studies have shown that MRI can be virtually 100% effective in finding breast cancers.  But even more importantly, MRI is now also proven to have an inherent advantage for detecting the most dangerous, most aggressive varieties of breast cancer—those that are typically fatal if not found and treated early—and that are frequently missed by mammography!  But MRI cannot presently be used to easily guide minimally-invasive new treatments of these dangerous early-stage tumors.

Marvel Medtech’s innovative technology addresses that problem!  We are developing an intervention guidance accessory system that allows MRI to be used in a new way to interactively guide these minimally-invasive new treatment procedures.

Our first clinical application focus is using cryotherapy (or freezing) of tumors that have been found with MRI breast cancer screening.  Cryotherapy is the proven new treatment approach that will transform breast cancer healthcare!

It has been known since at least 1960 that destroying tumors by freezing—or cryotherapy—induces an anti-tumor immune response that can PREVENT cancer recurrence and metastatic growth!  We’ve always had a NATURAL CANCER VACCINE potential built-in to our immune systems!  And cryoablation is now known to be an effective key for unlocking this internal cancer vaccine potential.  Clinical studies have shown that this natural anti-tumor immune response on its own is about 50% effective in preventing cancer recurrence and metastatic growth following cryoablation of a cancer tumor.

A REVOLUTIONARY new PREVENTIVE treatment approach is gaining grass-roots support from more and more women as they learn about this breast cancer treatment alternative.  This common-sense new approach,  named the Early Freeze Protocol, is similar to the now common preventive practice of removing polyps during routine colonoscopy exams.  The Early Freeze Protocol entails destroying small, suspicious breast lesions that are detected in screening exams, BEFORE a cancer diagnosis is or can be made, using minimally-invasive MRI guidance.  If the destroyed suspicious lesion was (undiagnosed) cancer, this common-sense and practical new approach could PREVENT any such early-stage breast cancers from returning and developing into more dangerous stages and spreading to other areas of the body, by INDUCING the KNOWN ANTI-TUMOR immune response that follows cryotherapy.

AND… a clinically proven new “abbreviated MRI” screening method will make breast cancer screening with MRI more affordable, and more available for everyone.  Using Marvel Medtech’s intervention guidance system for cryotherapy, along with the new abbreviated MRI breast cancer screening approach, will result in far more of the early-stage, dangerous breast cancers being found and treated early, thereby inducing the anti-tumor immune response and preventing about half of the cancers from returning and spreading after the first cryotherapy treatment.

And for the other half of Early Freeze Protocol patients whose immune systems are not “anti-tumor-induced” by that first cryoablation treatment, research in China has demonstrated that a second, and even a third or more follow-up cryoablation treatments dramatically increases the probability of “unlocking” the immune system’s anti-tumor vaccine response.

The result will be many more lives saved, FAR FEWER breast biopsies, surgeries, radiation & chemotherapy procedures, DRAMATICALLY IMPROVED quality of life for these patients and SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER breast cancer healthcare costs.

(If after multiple rounds of cryoablation treatments, for any patient that is still found to have cancer recurrence, the current standard-of-care options of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc. are still available.  But we anticipate these cases will become fewer and fewer.)