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Advanced technology

for interactive Magnetic Resonance Imaging Guided Interventions (iMR-IGI™)

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Our vision is to transform

the clinical utility and productivity of MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) by enabling interactive Magnetic Resonance Imaging Guided Interventions (iMR-IGI™).

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Marvel Medtech - Transforming the Clinical Utility of MRI

Meet Solada™

Our iMR-IGI™ system is an advanced technology platform that integrates MRI-compatible robotics with real-time MR imaging techniques, thereby transforming the clinical utility of MRI from the limits of diagnostic imaging into a whole new realm of practical and effective interactive imaging-guided interventions.

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The Case for iMR-IGI

MRI is a well-established leading technology for diagnostic imaging with superior resolution for detecting soft tissue disease, and MRI technology is still evolving as new imaging capabilities continue to advance at a rapid pace and new clinical applications continue to emerge.

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Investment Potential

Marvel Medtech has raised a total of $2,250,000 of capital to finance our mission of bringing advanced, innovative new iMR-IGI capabilities to breast healthcare clinics around the world. We need your help to complete this important work…

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It is important to understand that the goal of contemporary breast cancer screening is not (!) to identify all breast cancers and its precursors – but to offer a maximum sensitivity for breast cancers that have the potential to metastasize. In short: we do not need (and should not even try) to find all breast cancers, but need to find the ones that kill.

Dr. Christiane Kuhl ISMRM Breast Imaging Conference, San Francisco, CA, 14 Feb 2015

Meet the Team


Ray Harter

M.S. Systems Engineering, B.S.M.E., founder and President of Marvel Medtech, LLC, is a proven business leader with demonstrated technical, project, operations and managerial skill, capability and results.  Prior to starting Marvel Medtech, Mr. Harter was Business Manager, Director of Operations, Operations Manager and Manufacturing Manager for a multi-site, multi-national medical device manufacturing and distribution company.  Mr. Harter’s successful accomplishments include start-up of new business functions, new product development, medical device design and manufacturing regulatory compliance and “turn-around” of inefficient, problem-plagued operations.

Principal Mechanical Design Advisor

Frank Fronczak

Dr. Eng., Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin Madison Departments of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering. Dr. Fronczak provides more than 30 years of experience in the design of mechanical and biomedical devices and systems.    Dr. Fronczak has significant experience in hands-on participation, as well as in leading multi-disciplinary engineering teams in developing successful designs from the conceptual level through the detailed, embodiment design level.  He has particular expertise in the design and development of mechanical and hydro-mechanical machines, products, and biomedical devices.  

Principal Electrical Engineer

Serge Kuro

B.S.E.E, provides broad electrical engineering knowledge and deep experience combined with outstanding leadership ability. Known as a creative problem solver both strategically and tactically, Mr. Kuro has demonstrated expertise in: automated systems / robotic systems; measurement systems and analysis; medical equipment development; business and manufacturing hierarchal documentation development.  Mr. Kuro earned his B.S. Electrical Engineering degree from Polytechnic University, Kiev, Ukraine, and is adept at both analog and digital systems design, as well as being a certified international patent expert.

Principal Mechanical Engineer & Engineering Team Leader

Christopher Westphal

Recently earned his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Wisconsin-Madison with focus of study in medical device design, specifically devices used in MRI environments.  Christopher’s area of specialized expertise is in the design of hydraulic low-speed, high-torque, cycloidal actuators for use in medical device applications.  Christopher was Marvel Medtech’s very first employee as a Biomedical Engineering Intern with responsibility for the mechanical design of earlier generation prototypes and prototype construction and testing.

Product Design Engineer

Peter Guerin

Recently completed his studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, earning a M.S. in Biomedical Engineering degree and joined the Marvel Medtech team in January 2015.


If you are driven to help make breast cancer healthcare more effective, please contact us to learn more about our investment opportunities and our clinical deployment plans.

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