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The Case for iMR-IGI

MRI is a well-established leading technology for diagnostic imaging with superior resolution for detecting soft tissue disease, and MRI technology is still evolving as new imaging capabilities continue to advance at a rapid pace and new clinical applications continue to emerge.  However, MRI is significantly under-utilized, being limited primarily to diagnostic imaging procedures because the patient is not directly accessible while inside the clinically-preferred closed bore MRI scanner during the imaging process.

Marvel Medtech’s novel Solada™ iMR-IGI technology platform offers the opportunity to transform the healthcare advantages of MRI resources beyond standard diagnostic imaging by enabling a variety of interventional procedures to be done inside the bore of the MRI scanner with the added new benefits of real-time imaging guidance, real-time monitoring and interactive control of interventional procedures.  Marvel Medtech’s robotic iMR-IGI accessory platform provides improved capabilities that will allow hospitals and clinics to perform minimally invasive interventional procedures more efficiently and accurately, treat patients more effectively and increase MRI scanner revenue while reducing overall healthcare costs by providing more efficient and more effective interventional procedures.

The ‘mega-trend’ of growth in minimally invasive image-guided intervention procedures across the entire healthcare spectrum is expanding the global market for minimally invasive surgical instruments, imaging & visualization systems and medical robotics at a CAGR of 8%, aiming to reach $35.5B by 2016.  Marvel Medtech’s novel iMR-IGI technology platform is well positioned to take advantage of this significant interest and growth in minimally invasive image guided procedures.

The value proposition for iMR-IGI spans many clinical applications where MRI offers superior diagnostic imaging performance.  As an entry point into the new iMR-IGI market niche, Marvel Medtech’s initial mission is focused on developing and deploying a solution to enable inside-the-scanner interactive MR Imaging Guided Biopsy (iMR-IGB) of the breast.  Other clinical applications beyond breast biopsy for this new iMR-IGI technology include minimally invasive treatment interventions such as imaging guided ablation therapy of cancer tumors in breast and other organs, and treatment for Parkinson’s and other neurological diseases and conditions through precise MRI guided delivery of therapy agents to targeted cells deep within the brain.  In addition to enhancing the utility, productivity and profitability of MRI clinical resources, Marvel Medtech’s iMR-IGI technology also offers the potential to expand remote patient access to scarce interventional radiology expertise through web-based tele-health technologies.